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Agatha Day

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Gatto Bengal

I owe this picture (plus some inspiration) to heretherebespiders, an US expat living in Ireland, which is a great thing in itself, but there’s a lot more in her blog

Questo post vuole celebrare Sledpress, feconda dialogatrice (e scrittrice) nel gruppo di persone della nostra blogosfera.

Sled non si dà arie, è colta, competente. Diciamo che ha pure un brutto carattere. E’ per questo forse che ci frequentiamo.

Ora, Sled, che ha sufficientemente sangue celtico nelle vene, è una rossa a cui piacciono i gatti, e ha molte amiche che li amano pure.

Non sarà mica una strega?


Perché vedete, le streghe sono molto popolari, oggi, non sto scherzando, e parlano anche le lingue antiche.

Tempo fa ho udito delle parole uscire dalla sua stanza:

“Sledpressa, tibi gratias ago! Res mira, res mira Sledpressa domna! Plane nobis fortuna bona!
Modo omnia evenire possunt …. modo omnia evenire possunt …”

Sixteen Tons

In whatever passes for excitement at this point in the story of my life, I missed it.

My late and ex always celebrated the days on which our cats entered our lives; he bought cards and inscribed them, and I still have most of them. He would have liked Agatha.


Two years ago she was a tweenager in heat rolling in the mulch outside my cellar window. She is still kittenish, but self-willed. There is no more determined hairdresser in the world.

Monday of Memorial Day weekend, forever: Agatha Day.

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  1. Darn, you figured me out. (salutes the full moon of Friday the 13th: ave casta Diva!)

    • You know that M(anius) P(apirius) Lentulus is torn – in his hell phase or selva oscura (Dantesque ou ‘Songe de Poliphile‘ like) – between divae castae (castitas as pulchritudo animae) et divae turpes atque dissolutae (turpitudo as deformitas animi); between meretricis sapientisque labia et caelestis atque carnalisque Venus.

      Will awful love pain [for his true, eternal (and forever lost) love] subside?
      [excruciating pain, no need to tell a human]
      Will redemption, beyond hell, arrive?

      I do hope: for the sanity of our blgosphere, of all itinerant males and women, of he who is writing and who, should he be defeated, diffusing la peste, or pestem, if you prefer.

      Modo omnia evenire possunt, Sledpressa …. modo omnia evenire possunt …


      Confiteor me esse scared …


      But, un’influenza curiosa (angelo-demone maligno?) si fa sentire e spariglia tutto:

      modo omnia evenire … omnia omnia, crede mi, crede mi, mira, crede mi atque …

      Flavia: “E mo’ basta …”
      Old Man: “OK”

      Everyone is perplexed, no doubt.

  2. And do credit the magnificent Spiders for the shoulder-dwelling Bengal!

    • Well, I did and I credited her by linking the Bengal cat pic as hers.
      Damn, ur right, did it too quickly, she does deserve more credit gosh.

      What is more, by using a few geek add-ons on top of beloved Mozilla Firefox …

      [forget Google Chrome: 1. Mozilla IS the ‘really independent from ALL’ browser. 2. Google Android is Linux ok altho Android forks are to be preferred since Google is forcing us to do things against our wallets, so I advise to reformat our smartphones (a local hacker can do it for 2 dollars) while I’ll personally tell you what to chose (hardware and OS=Android forks) should u want to smartphonize yourself lol . 3. There seem to be two opposite philosophies – no need to tell a USer – confronting each other: I’m not against capitalism but I am for freedom and the man who started the open source thing is a US freak, US programmer – philosopher (and US genius) called Richard Stallmanwatch him in a Russian programmme, not by chance, father of Finnish Linus Torvalds but greater …]

      … by using these tools, I was saying, and starting from her article as a launching platform, I was able to expand the research around cats & witchcraft and stumbled upon a cornucopia of delights [Hibernia, Witches & Witchcraft plus Airlann, ウィッチハンターロビン, Éire, bengal cat ears, Cécile Hibernia, Chat-léopard, evil cat mom,, Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis, Robin la chasseuse de sorcières, Super-Bengal, Witch Hunter Robin]

      I will thus be too happy to credit her! (a US expat living in Ireland: WOW for reasons you know better then me, you Celtic sorcière, a la chasse – folle, il faut l’avouer – de soldats romains dans les bois de l’ancienne Bretagne, or Britannia, if you prefer)

  3. long story, short: I’m a catlover, à la vie, à la mort… 🙂 meet mi gato valenciano Lucky-Loulou, scroll down, prego: 🙂


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