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Is This Blog is on Vacation? That Is The Question

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Monte Rosa in the clouds

Monte Rosa in the Clouds. Its main peak is located in Switzerland although it is “the second-highest massif in Italy” [Wikipedia]. It is, too, one of the favourite vacation places of the Piedmontese. Source

Dear readers, in order to celebrate Feriae Augusti, or Ferragosto as we say in Italian (by contracting the ancient Latin phrase,) this blog will be sleeping for one month.

Mario: “Or will be in catatonia, one might say. Is that by any chance due to peaking temperatures and intolerable heat?”

MoR: “No, since the weather is cool along coastal Italy, even cold at times, with frequent storms and lightning bolts – not to mention internal Italy and the Alps (OMG) where I unfortunately, and very stupidly, chose to find refuge.”

Claudia: “So why CATATONIA eccheccavolo??”

Extropian. “Because in slumber, or death, there is more life than in their opposites.”


If you want to know more (within an orgy of crime, sex, Evil and Good fighting their neverending battle) read here.

BUT, as of now, April 23rd 2023, the novel Save Us From Evil (Liberaci dal male) by Giovanni Mario Buffa aka Man of Roma will soon be published in Kindle format.

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Nato a Roma il 1-11-1948

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  1. Quand je voyais “Feriae Augusti”, je ne savais pas ce que cela signifiait. J’étais perplexe par “Feriae”. Puis, je me souvenais que en allemand, “Ferien” signifie “vacances”.
    Donc, je concluais que ton blog est fermé en raison des vacances d’août!!
    Les connexions linguistiques entre latine (ou italien) et l’allemand sont plus proches qu’on ne le penserait.
    Je tu souhaite bonnes vacances dans les Alpes!!

    • Thanx Christopher!! I have to add that içi, surrounded by nature, and in spite of the difficult circumstances (bad weather, strange animals and sounds by night,) solitude reveals how important friends are.

      How true. Your language knowledge is always insightful. We are all close. Languages reveal that more than anything else at times. This is why, during the LONG debate on Europe … but I will be silent, because the English are too dear to me, Richard, Andy, George and many others.


      WOW, what a sunset! The music of Austrian Anton Bruckner did certainly express these mighty landscapes! WOW

  2. Belles, douces et reposantes vacances, Giovanni

  3. Au revoir en septembre.

  4. mmmm, Bruckner!! I favor the 5th.

    I have been quiet but there has been a giant, wonderful mess here. Explanations will follow.

    Will Manius utter soon?

    • Well, I too the 5th, the 2nd, also the 7th, but in general all the works (the masses!) of this decent man from the Austrian Alps.

      1.1 of volume 1 is 1/3 ready in Italian. Of this last portion 1/3 is translated to English. Having no dictionary (I thought an Internet connection was enough) it is frogging hard to continue writing in a foreign language.

      AND in mummies’ land, Italy, a 4G mobile connection does not serve well the entire territory. I am darn tapping on my darn phone and my darn words arrive to you via the darn 3G protocol. Why on earth must I be cut off from human communication in spite of the fact that I pay 12 Euros per month for a 4G connection??

  5. Could you add me to the Manius Lentulus blog? Have tried reading your recent works but after work my brain goes in brainfreeze mode and can’t comprehend anything. 😛

    Oh and us poor people in the “tech-hub country” are still struggling with 3G. Keeps bouncing between 3G and Edge even in Mumbai!

    • Hello Ashish! How are you? W-O-W, I can’t believe you are back here.

      The first third, perhaps, of this blog is much indebted to you no doubt about that. My recent so to say works are incomprehensible to me as well, so don’t worry.

      Don’t complain, man, the tech-hub country is growing more than the whole of Europe, that is stagnating.

      4G infrastructure, as I said, is too fresh here to work well.

      In the goddam cabin I found refuge in in Western Alps so as to to write my story 4G is so unreliable I installed a series of power repeaters with my hands in order to get a Wi-Fi connection from a neighbour.

      When something doesn’t work I have to go out and check what the hell is wrong. With WOLVES around because they being protected by animal-rights activists they’re ALL OVER THE PLACE o_O


      I have a problem with my story. There’s no credentials to sign in at the moment. Nobody can enter the site except myself. Thing is I realised that, having a deadline, I can progress more quickly in Italian since I am no English mother tongue.

      Many parts I also write English, of course, but I have to do a lot of homogenization work. I’ll let you know by e-mail. My deadline for both versions – English and Italian – is end of upcoming November. So some English text MUST come out sooner or later 😦

  6. And sorry for the looooooooooooong no-show on your facebook comments. My laptop battery needed replacing and I was too lazy to use either the phone or the laptop near the ac plug.. 😉

    • Don’t try to kid me man. Italians are not as ancient as Indians but we can none the less tell



      Always happy when you pop-up, dear Geek Wrestler, here or anywhere. By the way, Carolina is now in Sri-Lanka for her August vacation. As you can see, the subcontinent virus has taken her more and more.

      My father’s fault and the tales he invented for us kids

      Buona fortuna in all you do, young man


  7. Uno mese? Ma va lavorare! I’m afraid I’m back to litter the comments section on your blog. Che peccato.


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