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A Hymn to the Euro that does not Yield

Are the Euro coins dancing? Click for attribution

Euro Dance

A hymn to the Euro that does not yield:
(by MoR)


Under the fire of speculators,
under the attack of the rating agencies
at the very moment of its great effort
to rise from the crisis,
the Euro zone will not collapse.

They say the US Dollar
(and the Pound Sterling)
do not like the Euro.

If true, it is a big mistake.

They should go hand in hand.

Despite their detractors
(wherever they are)
both the Euro and the EU
will be strengthened in the end.

So this dance I composed
for our tinkling coins
(may readers pardon me)
that expresses this sentiment.

It is the dance of Europe
challenging forward,
and getting more united,
in the end.


French and Italian versions


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