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14 Pictures that will remind you of the real people of Egypt

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Man of Roma:

14 brilliant pictures “that will remind you of the real people of Egypt.”
[By Mohamed Hakem]

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This blog is unlike the previous one 15 pictures you won’t believe they are shot in Egypt which only showed nice pictures of Egypt. This article is only about the people of Egypt, and let me say the REAL people of Egypt.Now the media ,influenced by the current political status, constantly pictures us violent and chaotic until we forgot how kind, happy, innocent, tough and nice people we really are. The below pictures will display very normal and simple people from all around Egypt who pass by our eyes daily unnoticed.
1.This man ,named Jamal, lives in a lovely place. A place near Bahareya Oasis in the middle of the desert between the black and the white areas. It is a very simple restaurant/home that offers lovely food and drinks with the SAME prices as the capital, The man doesn’t speak much. all he does is running…

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Against Child Sexual Abuse

Elaan is a NGO dealing with Child Sexual Abuse issues

A note of support for what our Indian blog friends Amith, Poonam and others are doing against child sexual abuse, a tragedy occurring all over the world. Poonam has written several posts about this topic (here is one) observing that “writing about a issue is only the first step toward awareness. But acting on the solution is the most important next step.”

And Amith has in fact moved into action through this NGO, Elaan, and the Elaan blog. You can visit these places to show your support.

(The Elaan image – which I had to cut a bit – has been designed by Arkoprovo Mukherjee)


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