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Using your computer without a mouse

Using your keyboard and no mouse. Click for attribution

Keyboard and no mouse: it’s relaxing and increases speed. Click for credits

In the 1990’s a 30-year-old woman working in a multinational company was exploited like hell 10 hours a day before a PC.

She had cervical neck problems and tendonitis in both arms since she tried to use her left and right hand in a vain effort to ease the ‘mouse pain’.


More or less in the same years a bright young programmer, web author, Linux super expert and ICQ-IRC chatting fiend (the Facebook of the ’90’s) noticed with some irony four IT men who were watching him fascinated: he made use of three keyboards at the same time with tremendous speed.

“The secret of speed and relaxation – he said amused – is using your computer(s) without a mouse.”


Well, not many know that 50%, maybe 76 % (figures arbitrary) of PC mouse tasks can be performed via keyboard shortcuts.

Some crucial keys may be: ALT, arrow keys, the Enter key, CTRL … the list being too long here are a few links:

1, 2, 3, 4.

About Man of Roma

I am a man from Rome, Italy. I’m 60 and a Roman since many generations. In my blog,, I’m writing down my meditations. The idea behind it all is that something 'ancient' is still alive in the true Romans of today, of which few are left.

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  1. I usually recall that my PC can be operated without a mouse when the damned thing dies. And mice die easily (and repeatedly) when attached to my PC. This is why I really like USB connected and wireless mice and keep spares on hand. I am waiting (not so patiently) for the computer that accepts mental commands. Voice is okay but I feel a bit too self-conscious to “talk” at my computer when anyone else is around.

    • USB connected are the rule today. Why self-conscious to “talk” to a computer? After the ‘sentient’ computer HAL 9000? Even the iphone has ‘Siri’ (grand-daughter of HAL). But I prefer Linux-like Android :-)

  2. tazeinmirzasaad

    Well, I am so used to using the mouse, lol!


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