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To English-Speaking Readers

Circus Maximus, Rome. As you can see all stones seem gone. The immense structure – like other Roman monuments – served as a quarry for the construction of churches and palaces although parts of it are still underground. Click for attribution and to enlarge

I hope to soon resume my posts in English.

In the meanwhile English-speaking readers may have noticed that a portion of their comments has been translated together with the posts rendered in Italian and being recently published here.

I thought Italian readers could be interested in the discussions occurred in this blog.


Circus Maximus at the times of the Roman Empire. Wikimedia

About Man of Roma

I am a man from Rome, Italy. I’m 60 and a Roman since many generations. In my blog,, I’m writing down my meditations. The idea behind it all is that something 'ancient' is still alive in the true Romans of today, of which few are left.

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  1. Glad you’re back! I look forward to your posts.

  2. I get it. Circus Maximus served as a quarry for the construction of churches and palaces. And, in this way, blog comments provide the building blocks for posts in Italian–churches and palaces of another kind.

    Cheers from Chitown!

    • Evocative metaphor, you perceptive gal, even if you said it just for merriment. I believe in people’s discussions for a better understanding and, since my Italians readers are growing a bit, I wanted to ‘show them’ – for the hell of it :-)

      Welcome back dear Jenny!

      Chitown? You mean the ‘City of the big shoulders’?

      • Chitown, Chicity, City of big shoulders, Hog butcher for the world, the Windy City…it’s all one.

        What do you call Rome to show your affection? Even if you say it just for merriment?

        • Well, well, let us see …
          the eternal city
          the holy city
          caput mundi
          the eternal loose woman
          etc. etc.
          a tiny bit contradictory over here.

          • Dear Man of Caput Mundi:

            Do you have a song for Rome? (One that can compete with this?)

          • Sinatra and Chicago. Wow. No, Jenny, we haven’t. Rome has no big tradition as for songs. Neapolitan songs, for example, are much better than ours.
            So Chicago beats Roma 1-0.

          • That’s some hollow victory when I’ve been singing “Quanto sei bella Roma” for the past couple of days.

            As always, thanks for the fun.

          • So sweet of you to sing that. Then, the conquering Lady is conquered nonetheless? ‘That’ is interesting.
            I’m the one to thank you for the fun, Jenny.
            You brought me two years back.

            Man of Caput Mundi
            Man of the eternally loose city

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