Not Closed. Sleeping

Hi, I wanted to call attention to this:

This blog is not closed, it is sleeping.

I love to sleep during spring time [update: plus summertime]. I’ll be back when I wake up.

By the way, people seem to read the Man of Roma no matter if he writes or not. He even found nouvelles about his piano teacher which made him happy.

This not being the point though, I say to you all: a presto!


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  1. It’s not even summer! O.K. you are retired; it’s your prerogative.

    • It is spring that makes me sleepy, not summer. You should know here we say: “Aprile dolce dormire”.

      • That explains it! I’ve been too groggy to visit all the blogs I’d like, lots of the last several weeks.

        Glad you are simply in your cocoon and not gone indefinitely.

        • My cocoon is actually comfortable. But I have to wake up sooner or later if I want my mind not to get too soft.

  2. At least Rob-Bear hibernates in winter. So you “primabernate”?

    • Ah ah, yes, I do. I might be a special mammal, one never knows.

  3. Enjoy a wonderful spring and come back with recharged creativity!

    • This is what I hope. Thank you Thomas. Nice to have you here.

  4. I have to admit to being a tad concerned and had thought of contacting you but decided to check here first. I’m glad I did! It’s nice to know you’re just sleeping :-)

    • What is better than this gift from the gods. Thanks for caring, Andy.

  5. Would I ever write a blog if I lived in Rome? Probably not. But I don’t think I would sleep much either.

    But everything becomes familiar, doesn’t it? Please enjoy the city around you, as if it were new to you, as if you lived in the middle of America.

    We’ll be around, of course.

    • I’d love to continue my experience of ‘the middle of America’. Yes, everything becomes familiar, also living in a glamorous city like Chicago. All your advices are gold. And pls you people keep on being around.

  6. A presto.

    I have a question: How many Romans in contemporary times can actually claim direct ancient Roman lineage? I should think not many? If such a question can be asked.

    • Welcome back TC. Hard to say. As we have discussed here many times the Roman population was already extremely mixed during ancient times (as a capital of a multi-ethnical empire, given the big number of slaves etc.). Some ‘cultural’ transmission has in my view occurred though. And many deem the modern Roman Jews to be the closest we can get to the ancient population of the eternal city.

      • I may have mentioned this in the past but my father’s lawyer and friend (they owned property together) is Jewish. He visited Rome for the specific reason it had a Jewish population with a deep history and tradition. He also mentioned the Italians, more than most countries, not only have good relations with Jews (and Israel) but the Arab world as well.

        I don’t know why the Italians never leveraged this more in the political realm. We always hear about France and the USA. Italy can play a stronger role given its positive relationship with the Mid-East, n’est pas?

      • Another time TC. I now just wanted to add that what makes the Roman Jewish special is that as for them we can trace a clear enough lineage from the late Roman Republic and later from Emperor Titus onwards.

  7. Happy Sabbatical.

    A time to rest and reflect…

    But I know you must still be busy :)

    • Grazie. And it was lovely to meet you face to face after such a long and valuable web communication, Nomad.

  8. A chance to take up a little lurking perhaps, Roma?

    • Happy to hear from you Britannia. In truth, I lurk here and there but don’t comment. Btw, I have just received a couple of posts on my e-mail box coming from the ‘Critical Line’, but I now see they belong to ‘Analytic Continuation’. I’ll be there. Ciao

  9. This is a looooooong sleep, MoR. I hope everything’s OK?

    • It is. And I might wake up, sooner or later, Andy.

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