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Pictures from Quebec, Canada (2)

Château Frontenac (left), Quebec city. It is a luxury hotel designed by the American architect Bruce Price at the end of the 19th cent. Click to enlarge

Here is another set of pictures from our trip to Quebec. They are not the best I have since I had problems arranging them today.

Below you can see the refined French Canadian stairs you find a bit everywhere in Quebec. An example of how, in my opinion, the Quebecois – a common Latin trait I believe – may prefer beauty to practicalness (imagine a postman or an old person climbing up and down these stairs during the long and icy Canadian winters.)

All sorts of tasteful stairs can be admired in Quebec. Click to enlarge

This is Paul’s beautiful grand daughter. After which you have Paul taking us around Montreal with his car.

Paul's cute grand daughter. Click to enlarge

Paul driving. Click to enlarge. Therèse is behind with Flavia

Another picture of Quebec city. Lovely French architecture, isn’t it.

Quebec city's main street. Click to enlarge

Here is Queen Victoria’s statue at the entrance of the McGill University, Montreal.

Monument to Queen Victoria. McGill University, Montreal. Click to enlarge

Here is MoR enjoying the Canadian beautiful nature.

A river with falls behind. Click to enlarge

Allow me to finish with Caffé Italia in Montreal, an iconic café of Montreal’s Little Italy according to the Commentator.

Caffé Italia, on the Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal

About Man of Roma

I am a man from Rome, Italy. I’m 60 and a Roman since many generations. In my blog,, I’m writing down my meditations. The idea behind it all is that something 'ancient' is still alive in the true Romans of today, of which few are left.

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  1. I (still) can’t believe we didn’t cross the street and get a caffe!

  2. If traffic was like the day I drove MoR and Flavia on the same street, you just would not have been able to park, anyway.

    • But Paul, we were already parked and walking! That’s the odd thing!

      As an aside, never parked around that area. i just go on the sidestreets off Jean-Talon – de Castelneau, Casgrain etc. It’s not that much of a walk.

      Even the parking in J-T market proper is cheap. I think one dollar per hour or half hour. Something ridiculously low!

  3. i am late to the party. my first thought was to ask how did the coffee compare:)

    wonderful pictures MoR!

  4. It has so many years since we went (before Jacob) to Quebec, I think we stayed in a hotel with moon shaped windows.

    we have distant relatives there.

  5. Dafna,

    One is never late to a Roman party, since we like to think it is never-ending :-)
    (…despite all the problems Italy has now)

    Well, I posted these pictures for readers although I have better ones I couldn’t find any more. Canada – as you may know since you were there – plus the persons we met are so lovely that we wanted to share.

  6. We were following each other through Quebec, I see.
    Lovely shots.
    Did you have fun?


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